The Benefits of Yoga


We live in a time where people are in search of reduced stress and improved overall health. Yoga has been scientifically proven to improve mental, physical, & emotional well being.


Beginners: New students are welcomed with support and encouragement from the teacher, as well as, the other students. Most of them began in just the same way.

Students with Injuries and Low Back Pain: The class is designed so the pose fit the student rather than the other way around. Poses are modified for those with low back pain, wrist & shoulder issues, and anywhere else a student needs a modification.

All ages: My classes include students from 8 - 99. The mixed group creates a positive, energetic practice. I also work with smaller children in Family Yoga and smaller group settings.

Yoga Styles: Yoga Flow, Yoga Sport, Restorative, Yin, & Meditation

Private Lessons Available: Work privately with students suffering from Low Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder Issues, & Sciatica.


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Fall Class Schedule :

Carmel Valley Recreation Center

Monday 9:30 AM Yoga for All

Monday 6:30 PM Yoga Sport

Thursday 6:30 PM Yoga for All

Friday 9:30 AM Yoga Sport

Pacific Highlands Ranch Recreation Center

Tuesday 10 AM Yoga Fit

Sunday 10:30 AM Yoga for All/Family Yoga

Carmel Mountain/Sabre Springs Recreation Center

Wednesday 10 AM Yoga Sport

Wednesday 4 PM Family Yoga